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Introduction:- Pacific Automotive Lubricants cover complete range of Automobile Engine Oils viz. heavy vehicles, light commercial vehicles, passenger cars, 2 &3 wheelers. Pacific oils have been developed to meet all the requirements of new generation automotive vehicles of 4-wheelers, 3-wheelers & 2-wheelers including super charged engines, agricultural tractors, DG sets, construction & firm equipments. Different grades of oils have been formulated to meet different operating conditions conforming to international standards & specifications.

Monograde oils are suitable for specific engines recommended by engine manufacturers. Multigrade oils may be used for different classes of engines covering certain grade range.

Both Monograde & Multigrade oils are manufactured from highly refined base oils and additives are given to gain properties like antioxidant, anti-wear, anticorrosion, detergent, dispersant, antifoam agent for both petrol & diesel engines.

Product list is given below